Street Legal Golf Carts - of Bucks County PA

Commercial Golf Cart Uses

Bintelli Electric Golf Carts are versatile and have a wide range of commercial uses. They are perfect for transporting people and equipment around golf courses, resorts, and parks.

Additionally, they can be used for security patrols, maintenance crews, and transportation for events. With their eco-friendly electric motors, they are also an excellent choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Uses Cases for Electric Golf Carts

Construction Sites 

Golf carts are great for construction sites. They're small, yet can transport people and materials. They can be customized and keep workers safe.

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 Quickly and efficiently move around the facility, and also provide a safer and more comfortable alternative to traditional forklifts.

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Independent Course Owners

Electric golf carts are better for the environment, producing zero emissions and creating a peaceful atmosphere for your golfers.

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