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How to Get Exclusive Financing for Your Golf Cart Purchase

Golf carts are a popular mode of transportation on the golf course, but they can also be used in a variety of other settings, such as resorts, hotels, and airports. If you are considering purchasing a golf cart for your business, you may be wondering how to finance the purchase. Here are some tips on how to get exclusive financing for your golf cart.


Research Your Financing Options

When buying a golf cart, there are several financing options to consider. Do some research and uncover the best one for your business. Look for competitive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and no unexpected costs. Make sure you're getting a great deal!

Consider Exclusive Financing Programs

Fellah Bintelli is proud to offer exclusive financing through Sheffield Financial for the best rates on golf cart financing. With Sheffield Financial, customers can get the best rates and terms available on their golf cart purchase. With a wide range of financing options, customers can find the perfect financing solution for their needs. Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used golf cart, Fellah Bintelli and Sheffield Financial have you covered.


Provide a Down Payment

Making a down payment can help you get financing for your golf cart purchase. It shows lenders that you are serious about the purchase and lowers their risk. Think about saving up for a down payment before you apply for financing.

Work with a Financing Specialist

If you are having trouble securing financing for your golf cart purchase, consider working with a financing specialist. These professionals have experience working with businesses to secure financing for their equipment purchases. They can help you navigate the financing process and find a program that meets your needs.

Fellah Bintelli offers exclusive financing opportunities through Sheffield financial for the most competitive rates on golf cart financing. Make your purchase even more exciting and take advantage of these exclusive rates!

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Golf Carts are An Essential Tool for a More Efficient Warehouse

Golf carts are becoming increasingly popular in warehouse facilities for a variety of reasons. Not only are they a great way to quickly and efficiently move around the facility, but they also provide a safer and more comfortable alternative to traditional forklifts. Here are some of the top use cases for golf carts at a warehouse facility.

First, golf carts can be used to transport goods from one area of the warehouse to another. This is especially useful for smaller items that don’t require a forklift or other heavy machinery, as they can easily and quickly move items around the facility. Golf carts are also great for transporting personnel around the facility. This is especially helpful for those who need to access multiple areas of the warehouse on a regular basis, as it eliminates the need for them to walk long distances.

Finally, golf carts can be used to move personnel and goods around the warehouse in an efficient and safe manner. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, as well as improve the overall efficiency of the warehouse. With their ease of use and ability to quickly move people and items around the facility, golf carts are becoming an invaluable tool for warehouse facilities.


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A Path to Increased Profits and Efficiency

The Benefits of Electric Carts for Independent Golf Course Owners:

As a small business golf course owner, investing in a fleet of electric golf carts is a great way to improve your operations and provide a better experience for your customers. Electric golf carts are better for the environment, producing zero emissions and creating a peaceful atmosphere for your golfers.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, electric golf carts are also more cost-effective in the long run. They require less maintenance and have fewer moving parts, which means fewer repairs and replacements. Plus, you won't have to worry about the fluctuating costs of gas.

Another benefit of electric golf carts is that they can be customized with various features and accessories to enhance the golfer's experience. For example, you could install GPS systems, USB charging ports, or even speakers for background music. These added features can help to set your course apart from the competition and make it more appealing to golfers.

Furthermore, electric golf carts can be used for other purposes as well, such as transporting guests or staff around the property. This can help to increase efficiency and productivity, ultimately leading to more revenue for your business.

Bottom line: investing in electric golf carts is a smart move for small business golf courses. They're better for the environment, save money, and offer lots of benefits for golfers. Make the switch and see the positive impact it can have on your business.


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The Benefits of Utilizing Golf Carts on Construction Sites

Golf carts are an ideal way to manage the chaos of a construction site. They're small enough to maneuver tight spaces yet large enough to transport multiple people and materials. Plus, they can be customized with features like extra cargo space, a canopy, and a trailer hitch. Golf carts also help keep workers safe by providing a safe and efficient way to move around the site.


  1. Transporting materials: Golf carts can be used to transport materials and equipment around a construction site. This can be especially useful for smaller items that might be difficult to carry by hand or for moving materials between different parts of the site.

  2. Transporting workers: Golf carts can also be used to transport workers around a construction site. This can be especially helpful for sites that are spread out or have challenging terrain, as it allows workers to quickly and easily get from one location to another.

  3. Inspecting the site: Golf carts can be used by construction supervisors and other professionals to inspect the site and check on the progress of various projects. This can be a more efficient and comfortable way to move around the site compared to walking or using other types of vehicles.

  4. Improving safety: Golf carts can help improve safety on a construction site in several ways. For example, they can help reduce the risk of accidents caused by workers carrying heavy materials by hand, and they can also help reduce the risk of workers being hit by vehicles moving around the site.

Construction sites can benefit from using golf carts in a variety of ways. Golf carts are small, lightweight vehicles that can easily maneuver around a construction site, making them an efficient and cost-effective transportation option.


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electric-golf-cart-maintenanceGranted, when you first bought your golf cart from an electric vehicle dealer, almost half of the buyer’s guide included information on how to keep your cart in mint condition. However, the guide might not be as conclusive as you’d want. We are not discrediting this information, but some certain factors need to be considered if you want your golf cart to achieve maximum usability mileage, or in short, go the distance. This is not generic information; you’ll find that most maintenance guides don’t account for specific customer needs, for example, their location and how they use their golf carts.

So, without further ado, here are super helpful tips always to ensure your electric golf cart is always in perfect condition.

  1. Cleaning your electric golf cart – The first step to maintaining your electric golf cart is to always ensure the golf cart is squeaky clean. The more you use your golf cart, the better you’ll need to clean the vital parts of the golf cart. Take out the detachable parts of the golf cart like the canvas cover and clean it thoroughly inside out. That should get rid of moisture, dust, debris, and dirt ensuring the golf cart is always ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice. Regularly wipe the golf cart with a damp cloth. Depending on how often you take your golf cart out for a spin, you might need to make the cleaning more comprehensive.
  2. Cleaning the batteries – The batteries are perhaps one of the most neglected components of the golf cart. Use baking soda and water to clean out the acid that accumulates on and around the battery. Be sure to wear gloves and proper attire. Hydrosulfuric acid is dangerous. The acid also corrodes the metallic and conductive parts the battery. It can corrode the attachment cords causing resistance that might detriment the life of your golf cart. You can also use commercial products available in stores that can do an even better job than DIY regimes.
  3. electric-golf-cart-maintenance-checklistMind the battery water level – Always check the batteries’ water levels before leaving. The water levels help maintain the life of the battery. Always make sure the water levels completely cover all the cells, and they are immersed all the way in. If the water levels are low, open the battery caps and just add distilled water until the cells are completely immersed as mentioned. Always ensure that’s the case before recharging the batteries.
  4. Keep the batteries always at full charge – It’s okay to drive your golf cart when the battery charge level is low. However, that is not recommended. You should always charge your battery before and preferably after every use. The best electric golf cart should make this easier.
  5. Idle mode – Perhaps the weather outside doesn’t allow you to take the golf cart out for a spin. If you have not used the golf cart for a while, the battery level tends to discharge slowly. Regularly power up your golf cart and keep it running for a while so the battery levels don’t reach alarmingly low levels.
  6. Battery too low – In case the levels are too low that the golf cart won’t start, you can use jumper cables to temporarily ‘’cheat” the electric cart that the battery is charged. All you need to do is find someone with batteries of similar voltage as yours and jump-start the golf cart. Then you can charge the batteries before taking off or immediately until the charging levels are all the way up.
  1. Check the tire pressure – Before heading out make sure the tiny tires are in peak operating condition, especially in a passenger golf cart. Make sure you fill them to the right PSI. Checking the pressure always ensures they can serve you at maximum utility. Sharp objects could puncture the tires at any time. Sometimes the puncture is too tiny to notice instantly and the air inside the tire slowly leaks out. Make it standard practice to always check the tires.
  2. Check the braking system – Jack up your cart and remove the wheels to get to the brakes. Use compressed air to wipe off the brake dust. You can also check the brake pads’ thickness. You can do this a couple of times every month as a maintenance routine.
  3. Tighten loose screws and bolts – This might take some doing but with your wrench and screw driver in hand, make sure the bolts, nuts, and screws are all tightened up. Loose screws and nuts are a result of your electric golf cart regularly making trips around uneven terrain. Depending on how often and where you ride your golf cart, some screws tend to loosen and that can be evident if you hear squeaks or rattling while driving.
  4. Get some accessories – Talk to your dealer or go online and find accessories that breathe life into your electric golf cart. There are tons of great additions and adjustments you can make to your golf cart to always ensure the golf cart is functioning at optimum levels. It could be a functional dashboard cover, battery meter-monitor, battery cable maintenance tools or additional mirrors to keep you safe while riding on the streets.

Final thoughts
Remember, your electric golf cart will serve you for as long as you let it. Most golf cart users wait until the golf cart is deteriorating to take measures against depreciation. You should take care of your golf cart the same way you take care of your car. Regularly checking with your dealer or golf cart professional will greatly reduce the cost of maintenance. If you can handle this you may want to find electric carts for sale.

Again, a well-maintained golf cart is easier to sell and upgrade. It doesn’t take much to maintain a golf cart but simple adjustments to your maintenance routines can go a long way in ensuring your golf cart is always ready to hit the road.

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Discover How Electric Carts Making the Game of Golf More Accessible to Everyone

Golf is a beloved pastime for many, but for some, the physical demands of the game can be a barrier to enjoying it. Thankfully, golf carts have made the game more accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability. With the help of golf carts, golfers of all ages and abilities can now enjoy the game with ease.

Golf carts have become a widely-used accessory in the game of golf, allowing players of all ages, sizes, and abilities to enjoy the game with greater ease. They have enabled a wider range of players to experience the joys of the game, providing an opportunity for individuals of any physical ability to partake.


Imagine the thrill of being able to zoom around the golf course without breaking a sweat! Golf carts make this possible, and with them, more players can easily access all parts of the course, all while carrying clubs and other equipment along for the ride. Get ready for your game to be taken to a whole new level with golf carts!


Golf carts offer an efficient and comfortable way to navigate the course and can be beneficial to all players, including those with physical limitations or disabilities. They can provide an added level of convenience, allowing users to focus on their game and not on their physical limitations. Overall, golf carts have made golf more accessible to a broader range of people.


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Top 5 Reasons How Apartment Property Managers Can Utilize Golf Carts

Maximizing Efficiency: How Apartment Property Managers Can Utilize Golf Carts to Streamline Maintenance and Operations.

An apartment property manager can use a golf cart in a variety of ways to improve the efficiency and convenience of managing their property. Here are some potential uses for a golf cart on an apartment property:


  1. Transporting maintenance staff and equipment: Golf carts can be a useful tool for maintenance staff to move around larger or multi-building properties quickly and efficiently. They can also be used to transport supplies and equipment, which can facilitate the completion of tasks and repairs.

  2. Giving tours to prospective tenants: Golf carts can be a fun and unique way for property managers to give tours to prospective tenants. They can easily transport tenants around the property, showing them different areas and amenities as they go.

  3. Providing transportation for residents: Golf carts can be a great way for residents to get around without having to walk or drive. It's especially helpful for our elderly or disabled residents, giving them more options to move around with ease.

  4. Enhancing security: Golf carts can be equipped with cameras and other security features, making them a useful tool for patrolling the property and ensuring the safety of residents.

  5. Improving communication: Golf carts can be outfitted with radio or other communication systems, allowing property managers to maintain contact with maintenance staff and other personnel while using the golf carts.

By investing in a golf cart, an apartment property manager can unlock an array of amazing opportunities to make managing their property easier and more efficient. Utilizing this resource could open up a world of possibilities and help them reach their goals faster.



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Why you should keep your golf cart battery maintained

Maintaining your golf cart battery is an important part of keeping your golf cart running smoothly and reliably. This is especially true during the winter season, when the cold weather can put a strain on your battery and cause it to wear out more quickly. Taking the time to properly maintain and keep a minimum charge on your golf cart battery can help ensure that your cart is road-ready for action even after sitting for a long period of time.

Why you should keep your golf cart battery maintained

Myth: You should always let the battery drain completely

Bintelli golf carts and electric vehicles are equipped with a smart-charging system, allowing users to keep the cart plugged in and connected to a power source when not in use.  Set it and forget it, there’s no need to worry about “overcharging”, the smart-charging system will automatically control the power!  For other brands, we recommend using an off-the-shelf battery maintenance system, available at automotive parts stores. 


To keep your golf cart battery in good condition, you should check the terminals and cables for signs of corrosion and clean them if necessary. Most automotive parts stores offer inexpensive cleaning and maintenance kits. In addition, it is important to make sure that the battery is fully charged before each use. This will help to ensure that it is ready to go when you need it.


Taking the time to properly maintain your golf cart battery is an important step in ensuring that your golf cart runs reliably and efficiently. 




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What Makes a Golf Cart Street Legal

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “What do I need to make a golf cart street legal?”


Making a golf cart street legal involves meeting certain requirements set by state and local governments. Additionally, the golf cart must be registered and insured, and the driver must have a valid driver's license. 


Generally, a golf cart must be equipped with :


Turn Signals



Side mirrors

Seat belts

Low-speed vehicle sign

Meeting these requirements will ensure that a golf cart is street-legal, allowing it to be driven safely on public roads.

our Bintelli Golf Carts are ready to go out the door with these features already!

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Bintelli Named 2022’s Best Low-Speed Vehicle and Street-Legal Golf Cart


Over 1,150 golf cart consumers from around the United States responded to the annual Golf Cart Resource Survey and voted Bintelli the Best of 2022 in the Street-Legal category!

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